The problem

The biological pathway is one of the most profitable ways to treat waste water. If the biology in the anaerobic or aerobic water treatment process does not function properly, this often results in a drastic reduction of the efficiency with many recurring problems. Often, measures are taken to fight the symptoms which do not take away the cause. Moreover, this methodology is expensive and takes a long time. For structural solutions on your biological waste water treatment plant, BIOTECH Engineering developed the Audit for you.

Our product

The audit is aimed at perfecting your anaerobic or aerobic waste water purification at minimum expense. It comprises a structured audit which provides a total overview of the current treatment problems and points out the relationship with the operational management. The sticking points are indicated and the measures to be taken are developed clearly and methodically in close co-operation with your staff.

Your advantage

The audit allows structural solutions to be implemented for waste water treatment problems. You know which measures to take and why. The operational safety of the plant is increased with a minimum of extra costs. Moreover, the operator acquires a better understanding of the processes involved, allowing him/her to prevent these problems from occurring.

The Application

Trouble shooting in your anaerobic or aerobic water treatment plant
S Structural addressing of bulking sludge problems
First step in the structural improvement of the efficiency and operational safety of the plant
Basic document to set up an adequate operational management

Our method

The audit starts with an in-depth analysis of the problems in your water treatment plant and operational management. Microbiology is central and is linked to the waste water composition, the design of the plant, important parameters and operational management. We specify which concrete and practical measures can be taken. The measures are implemented in a next phase by you or in close co-operation with us.

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