The problem

Biological water treatment problems cost a lot of money and demand a great deal of energy. Usually, solutions to these problems are not a company's core activity. In almost all cases, problems such as bulking sludge, stench and foaming or bad granulation of anaerobic sludge can be prevented. Preventing problems is still cheaper than solving them. µ-survey, by BIOTECH Engineering, does exactly this...

Our product

µ-survey comprises regular monitoring and re-adjusting of water purification processes. It immediately indicates what might be wrong and what the operator can do to prevent problems from happening in the first place, providing your company with hands-on knowledge and support to deal with any problem. µ-survey guarantees that your waste water is purified efficiently which is an absolute necessity when the purified water is re-used or water treatment plant is part of a closed water cycle.

Your advantage

µ-survey saves users a great deal of money and time by remedying problems at an early stage and preventing calamities from happening, thus allowing a company to focus on production. Efficiency remains high. The net savings on water treatment costs, reduced production capacity losses and extra working hours are considerable. Your staff is still involved in the management and acquires new knowledge and practical experience in biological water purification.

The Application

Efficiency improvements through continued aerobic or anaerobic waste water treatment performance
Prevention of calamities
Supported and increased level of knowledge of the operational management
When starting up and managing (new) water treatment plants with a minimum of staff

Our method

First of all, an inventory is made of the current water treatment plant and how it is managed. The critical points in the waste water treatment process and management are indicated. At regular intervals (at least once a month), the activated sludge or anaerobic granular sludge is analysed, evaluated and compared to the measurement results and the operational management. If the results are unfavourable, µ-survey gives the operator a number of options. If necessary we can be on site within 24 hours. This basic contract can be extended by a trimestrial visit on site to make sure everything is under control, thus increasing the knowledge and understanding of all the people involved (' training on the job '). Every year the results of the preceding period are evaluated and the necessary structural changes specified in a management report.

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