The problem

Becoming a waste water plant operator in an industrial environment is a discipline in its own right. The increasing interests, higher dumping costs, stricter dumping requirements and new developments are demanding a great deal more from activated sludge operators. Control over the treatment process is becoming increasingly important and demands regular schooling. For this reason BIOTECH Engineering developed a special industrial biological water treatment training course.

Our product

A short course provides a clear understanding of the biological processes of waste water treatment, allowing you to effectively anticipate changing conditions and possible calamities in the purification process. Because all industrial water treatment is different, the course is customised to specific company situations. In other words, the wishes and requirements of the customer are central.

Your advantage

This new knowledge and understanding allows you to comprehend, solve and prevent problems. As this new knowledge can be immediately put into practice, water treatment management is simplified considerably. Our consultants, who have day-to-day practical industrial water treatment experience, provide interactive lessons. In other words, you can be assured of current and practical knowledge.

The Application

Training or settling in a ' new ' waste water plant operator
Increasing the level of knowledge of the people who are directly responsible for the operational management of     biological water treatment.
Providing practical knowledge and understanding of the microbiological processes of activated sludge or anaerobic     granular sludge
Understanding and knowledge of the biological process for the production people

Our method

Based on a short inventory of the water treatment plant on site and a personal interview, the course is built up and applied to your situation. We use our own textbook for the theoretical part. Depending on the company's situation and the customer's goal, specific subjects are covered and supplemented by current information, if necessary. Practical subjects, such as microscopic sludge analyses, can also be incorporated in the course. The subjects, the duration, the intensity, the location and the frequency are entirely up to you. In short, we will customise the course to your specific needs.

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